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Chi Omega's Advocacy Mission

 Mission Statement 

Chi Omega Fraternity believes that dignity, self-esteem and respect are inalienable rights of each individual and that there is no place for personal degradation within the membership of Chi Omega.

Advocacy Committee 

The Committee is a space open and available to all active Rho Alphas that intends to help in providing educational resources to our members and across our social media platforms, create programming throughout the school year to encourage inclusivity, and help facilitate those difficult conversations concerning the human rights, the varying experiences of our sisters, and how we can act as allies to one another.

Goals of the Committee

The Advocacy Committee aims to create lasting change in Chi Omega by way of for major avenues:

  • Policy and Management 

  • Programming and Education

  • Philanthropy and Fundraising 

  • Marketing and Outreach

Keep scrolling to see a more detailed look into each avenue!

What you can find here 

Here you can find a continuously updated page with our favorite resources, and next steps for Chi Omega - Rho Alpha. We aim to keep this site as a useful hub for active members and members of the community to use to grow in education on social justice issues. Be sure to check back, as this page will be updated with relevant and new resources as we continue to learn. 

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Policy & Management








Programming & Education




Rho Alpha Action Plan

-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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-Creation and Organization of our Advoca
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Advocacy Committee Goals  

Policy and Management 

  • Foster productive relationships with exec and other leadership positions in order to create tangible change in Chi Omega. 
  • Create further explicit language in the Chi Omega bylaws supporting the human rights of all sisters and put into place concrete consequences for racist, homophobic, and any other behavior that offends the human dignity of our sisters, whether done blatantly or byway of microagressions. 
  • Administer surveys to gauge member experience.

  • Facilitate the creation of petitions for both the Rho Alpha Chapter and Chi Omega Nationals.

Programming & Education

  • Schedule and plan events such as Diversity Peer Educator presentations, inclusion trainings, and sisterhood events with NPHC sororities. 
  • Seek out and provide the chapter with educational resources regarding POC, LGBTQIA+ persons, and all other communities that have been underrepresented and underheard in Chi Omega.

Philanthropy & Fundraising 

  • Allocate funding to support underrepresented organizations and small businesses. 
  • Work with NPHC sororities and fraternities to support their philanthropy efforts. 
  • Create two separate Advocacy Scholarships for Rho Alphas: the Rho Alpha Diversity Award and the Diversity Ally Scholarship.

Marketing and Outreach

  • Create marketing content communicating the Advocacy Committee’s work as well as research-based posts that will educate our following on various issues of human dignity: including but not limited to representing BIPOC, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Create awareness for social issues at Mizzou and all over the world 
  • Commitment to update this website with research-based resources our sisters and alumni can go to get involved as well as educate themselves through various forms of media listed below
  • Aiming to create/offer even more outlets for sisters to use as a home for educational resources

Our Favorite Resources Right now!




  • Cultural diversity in the US - ESCPS 2000

  • Cross-Cultural Journalism - JOURN 2000


  • @cdcgov - COVID related info

  • @iamavoter - awareness of voting 

  • @blklivesmatter - call to action against racism

  • @campaignzero - action to end police brutality

  • @mizzouedbridge - growth in different social justice perspectives

  • @theecotribe - climate change and sustainability

  • @nmaahc - National Museum of African American History and Culture

  • @forfreedoms - pathways to civic participation 


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